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Delivering value from your data.

We partner with businesses, offering expert assistance to solve data challenges, helping them quickly connect their data, technology and teams to deliver business outcomes.

From source to insights, we just make it work.

Access to data

Automate the flow of data between operational and data analytics systems

enhance value of data
Enhance data value

Combine data from various sources and deliver clean data to your teams.

trust data
Trust the data

Speed up time-to-insights by automating manual tasks and increasing confidence.

secure data
Secure data

Build robust pipelines in the safety of the cloud

enable self service
Enable self-service

Empower everyone to use data as an asset to help grow your business

capable data platform
Capable data platform

Simple & modern data environments that can handle increasing data volumes and source complexity

data automation
Data automation

Deliver business value quickly by removing exhausting and data preparation and cleaning.

remove data silos
Remove data silos

All your data governed in a single source of truth.


We simplify our client's data processes to help them achieve actual business outcomes.

Enhance collaboration, meet business needs,accelerate time-to-insights and ensure accuracy.

Analyze, explore and share insights however you want, to drive business outcomes.

Build and manage data pipelines to get more from your data, faster.

Everything is easier in the cloud.

Making technology work for people.

By providing the tools and expert people to simplify complex data challenges.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy (1)

Helping organisations identify, prioritise and deliver value strategically from their data

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture (1)

Providing guidance on platfrom implementation, becoming more efficient with your current tools and assessing needs for planning purposes.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Enabling integrations to your data platform from multiple sources including APIs, Databases and Flat Files to give you a single source of truth across your business

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

Delivering business insights to enable better decision-making and drive their strategic goals

Embedded Analytics & Data Monetisation

Data Monetization

Drive better partnerships and make your value proposition stand out

Capability Development

Capability Devlopment

Working with organisations to enable and upskill their teams to get maximum value from their analytics investments.

Data Strategy (1) Cloud Architecture (1) Data Engineering Data Visualisation Data Monetization Capability Devlopment

We are on a mission make data useful and accessible.

This is how we approach things.

Meet the client

Understand core business outcomes and if we are the right partner.


Business and tech workshops to understand goals and needs, define data strategy and roadmap to achieve objectives.

Proof of Value

Our guarantee to demonstrate the tangible benefits we can provide..


Our recommendation of how to proceed based on your bespoke requirements.

Project Initiation

A step to make sure we don’t have teething problems.


Combine data from multiple sources into one place, create useful data exploration and upskill your team in the process


Always be available to lend a helping hand.


These technology partners let us do our best work

Some of our best clients

Mukuru's Data Analytics Platform

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FreshGround Driving Data Accessibility

Learn more about FresGround's journey with implementing a modern data stack to drive data accessability in this interview with FreshGround's Head of Client Care.

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Create the digital fabric that connects your people, processes, and data

We know the data challenges your organisation face, and have the team and expertise to help.